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Math Dice

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Roll the dice and solve the equation! Designed to work with many math skill levels, these hands on wooden math dice are guaranteed to bring some fun to your daily math practice! 


Six 3cm Hardwood dice

  • 2 of each numbered 1-6
  • 2 of each numbered 7-12
  • 1 of addition, subtraction, greater / less than
  • 1 of addition, subtraction, multiplication

• One 4x6" Cotton Drawstring Bag

• Numbers and operations permanently laser engraved into the natural hardwood dice - no inks, paints, or decals used
• Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag perfect for gift giving, storage, and taking the game on the go

• Start with both of the 1-6 dice and the addition, subtraction, greater / less than die. Set the other three dice away until your child is confident with all equations using the 1-6 dice. When your child is ready, you can start replacing one, or both of the numbered dice with the 7-12 dice and eventually incorporate the operations die that includes multiplication. 

• Use the large wooden dice with any board game you would typically use dice for - use just a standard 1-6 die, or add an extra layer to your game by solving equations when each player rolls