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Coding Set (Mini 1")

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Introduce your children to coding without the use of screens with this fun, hands on beginner coding set.

Pair the discs with various loose parts and your favourite hundred board (not included, but we love this one from Modern Imagination Toys or you can DIY your own grid!) Coding activities help children think about direction, location, and movement while working on counting and math skills. Coding will encourage skills like problem solving, considering multiple paths to arrive at a solution, strategy and planning ahead. Working on coding activities with a partner will also help strengthen communication and listening skills, as well as turn taking.

• Create a maze with various toys or loose parts as obstacles and have your child navigate a path through the maze with the directional discs. Take this activity a step further by taking turns giving and following directions (move two spaces forward, turn left, move three spaces forward, etc)

• Retell a favourite story or create your own story using figurines or pictures to represent where the character travels

• Map out a nature walk, your neighbourhood, how to get to Grandma's house, or create a treasure map

• For a more advanced activity, set out a coding sentence of directional arrows for your child to follow and translate to movements on the grid.

• For more ideas, head to our Instagram page and click on the "Coding" stories icon!

• Fifty 1" hardwood discs 

• 30 x straight arrows 

→ , 18 x double sided curved arrows ⤴ 

⤵  , along with a start and end disc (French début and fin on the reverse)
• One 4x6" Cotton Drawstring Bag

• Arrows permanently laser engraved into the wood - no inks or paints used!
• Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag perfect for gift giving, storage, and taking the discs on the go
• Recommended Ages 5+ for all mini 1" discs